General Anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia for Dental Procedures - Niagara Falls

In cases where patients have special medical concerns, IV or oral sedation may not be the right option. In such circumstances, general anaesthesia can be administered. At Lundy's Lane Dental Office, our dentist Dr. Rashid has hospital privileges at the Niagara Falls General Hospital. We’ll assess you in our office. Patients who qualify are scheduled through our office. If you believe you or your family member in Niagara Falls requires general anaesthesia during a dental procedure, contact us today.

When Is General Anaesthesia Recommended?

General anesthesia is determined depending on the case and may be recommended for patients who:

  • Experience high anxiety during surgeries

  • Have a low tolerance of pain

  • Are allergic to local anaesthesia

  • Require complex dental procedures

  • Have difficulty keeping their mouth open for too long

  • Have strong involuntary gag reflex

  • Have a mental or physical disability because of which they are unable to remain calm

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