Filling Replacements

We Provide Filling Replacements in Niagara Falls

Dental fillings are intended to replace tooth structures that were lost to decay. Even though they last for years, they still need to be replaced since eating and drinking or clenching and grinding can damage them over time. Our dentists at Lundy's Lane Dental Office in Niagara Falls provide filling replacements to ensure that dental issues such as tooth decay don’t damage your teeth further.

When Does One Require a Filling Replacement?

Listed below are some of the reasons for getting your filling replaced:

  • Worn out silver filling

  • Worn out resin or white filling

  • Overhangs

  • Decay below the filling

  • Abfractions

Materials Used to Restore Teeth

Teeth can be restored using different materials such as:

  • Resin fillings – White resin fillings are strong and natural looking in the mouth

  • Amalgam fillings – They are strong and do the job

  • Inlay-onlay porcelain fillings

  • Inlay-onlay gold fillings

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Missing Tooth?

We offer dental implants to restore your smile.


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