Emergency Dentist in Niagara Falls

If you’ve broken your tooth in an accident or have a continuous severe toothache, we understand that waiting for your next dental appointment isn’t an option. To ensure your dental problem does not worsen and cause more pain, our team at Lundy's Lane Dental Office offers emergency dental services. Contact our Niagara Falls office for an emergency dentist. Listed below are a few instances in which you must visit an emergency dental clinic immediately.

  • Prolonged Toothache If you’ve been experiencing a constant toothache, it must be brought to the attention of a dentist immediately. Toothaches can be caused by problems such as infected gums and fractured tooth.

  • Broken/Fractured Tooth When your tooth is broken, fractured or chipped, acting fast can make a huge difference to your oral health. Place the chipped or fractured tooth in milk to keep it moist. Bringing it to the dentist and getting it fixed immediately will help you avoid other problems.

  • Bleeding Gums If your gum is bleeding continuously, you may have infected gums or a gum disease. Contact our dentist in Niagara Falls to ensure these issues don’t become worse and lead to more pain.

  • Lost Crowns/Bridges As the crown protects the area of the tooth where a cavity was removed, you need to make an emergency dental appointment to reduce your pain. Using a sugar-free gum to stick the crown back into place until your dental appointment can make sure nothing gets inside the tooth.

  • Broken Dentures Have your broken dentures fixed by a dentist immediately. Attempting to fix it yourself may worsen the situation.

  • Broken Orthodontics Brackets or Wires Broken orthodontics brackets or wires can be very uncomfortable and can induce anxiety. Get in touch with us immediately and our emergency dentist will fix it for you.


Identifying a Dental Emergency

Usually, a dental emergency will cause a sharp pain or throbbing sensation which is unbearable. Many times, severe swelling or redness around the mouth could also be a sign of a deeper problem. Taking good care of your teeth is crucial. Apart from regular dental care and treatment, our emergency dentist can provide you with urgent, efficient and expedient care for emergencies. If you experience sudden intense sensitivity, it could be a sign of a dental emergency that should not be overlooked.  Should such situations occur, schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist in Niagara Falls without wasting time.

Call Our Niagara Falls Clinic Now

Please don’t hesitate or wait to call our clinic during emergencies. Time can make a huge difference in maintaining your oral health. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable and are at ease. We’re open Monday through Saturday to meet all your dental needs.

Emergency Dentist in Niagara Falls

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