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Maintain Your Oral Health with a Family Dentist in Niagara Falls

At Lundy's Lane Dental Office, we provide your entire family a range of general dental care to help you and your family maintain healthy, attractive smiles. From professional dental cleanings to restorations, our family dentist in Niagara Falls will ensure you never have to worry about decayed or broken teeth. We also provide gentle and professional dental care for your children. Your entire family’s oral health is our priority..

Our Services

Whether you want a chipped tooth fixed or require a root canal, our dentists can help. Listed below are the general dentistry services we offer:

Dental Care for Your Little Ones

Oral health is important at any stage of life. At Lundy's Lane Dental Office, we believe that maintaining your oral health when you’re young can avoid severe dental problems in the future. Our family dentists will make your child feel comfortable and relaxed while offering professional dental care.

We advise you to bring your child to the dentist within six months of seeing his or her first tooth emerge to make sure your child’s teeth and gums are developing correctly. Familiarizing your child with our dental office can minimize the anxiety and fear of dental visits as well.

Why Is Pediatric Dental Care Important?

Bringing your child to the dentist every six months can help prevent cavities with regular cleanings and fluoride treatments. Regular checks also enable us to detect any dental problems early on so that we can provide the right treatment before it worsens.

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